Vape – Budz started in 2021 as an e-liquid brand distributing premium e-liquids to the vaping world.

Our goal is to give the vaping world a simple way to get high standards of quality e-liquids. We thrive on delivering great products and a great customer service, which has made us one of the quickest growing e liquid brands around.

We researched for 12 months and teamed up with one of the leading e liquid manufacturers in the UK. Here comes the best part after – combing through flavour combinations, testing and sampling again and again, perfecting the smoothness of the draw and capturing that delicious throat hit and BOOM we created VAPE-BUDZ.

Our Range

Our entire range of flavoured e-liquids, available in 50ml and 100ml, are TPD compliant, which means we are compliant with all rules and regulations set by the governing body and meet all UK standards.

Our production process ensures strict quality and health and safety standards are met meaning you can be sure you’re getting a safe and quality e-liquid.

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Our Industry

Vaping is unique in its own way and we understand how demanding it can be to provide unique and out there flavours to our customers.

The market has grown more and more in many ways only in a few years, with much better devices better flavours compared to the early years.

With technology changing so quickly these days we now have better battery life in vape mods and kits they also give much longer battery life, temperature and wattage control in all different unique ways.

We have all these new devices and technology at the grasp of our hands, vaping is much cheaper than smoking and it has been proven by Public Health England to be 95% safer.

In fact UK Public Health Experts advise that for those who smoke vaping is definitely a healthy way to quit.

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