If you are concerned about the severe health hazards associated with the use of traditional smoking cigarettes. You can switch to a considerably less harmful option that will fulfill your temptation completely. Vaping, which involves using e liquids, is a healthier option. Especially, if you want to reach a destination of no smoking or want a safer alternative. By choosing the e liquid of your taste in vaping you can savor the flavor you want which is potentially less hazardous also.

What Is Vaping and E Liquids?

Vaping is the process of inhaling vapors created by using an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette or any other vaping device like vape pens.

E-cigarettes are smoking devices powered by batteries. These cartridges are filled with liquids known as e liquids like nicotine, chemicals and flavorings. This liquid is heated to convert into vapors by the heating process, which the user inhales. No burning or combustion is involved in the process.

Traditional tobacco cigarettes contain more than 7000 chemicals. Most of which are toxic, while e-cigarettes have far fewer chemicals than regular cigarettes.

Vaping delivers nicotine or the other chemicals filled in the e-cigarette by heating the liquid rather than burning as in traditional smoking. It is a less harmful way of delivery.

Vapers can enjoy the freedom to select the ingredients of the vaping material. The material can be nicotine-based or nicotine-free products. Like a cloud lover will go for E liquids with higher propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin ratios. At the same time, a flavor chaser will select low levels of these chemicals.

Smokers do not have the flexibility to select the ingredients of their cigarettes. Because cigarettes come in predetermined nicotine levels and fixed ingredients. They do not have the option to enjoy the flavor they want in their cigarettes.

Vaping- A Cheaper Option

Vaping is significantly cheaper and less harmful than smoking and has a similar feel. For comparison, you can estimate that vaping costs almost 10% of what you have to spend on smoking. If you smoke one pack of cigarettes daily, it will cost you at most $9000 per year. Whereas vaping will cost only $900. The only significant investment for vaping is getting a high-quality vape accessory from a reputable supplier or E-liquid vape shop. Moreover, you can save the money you may have to spend on medicines and treatment in hospitals with problems associated with the use of traditional cigarettes. Smoking can lead to losses in workplace productivity due to illness and health issues. In this way, vaping can save you from all these medical and social issues.

Vaping And Public Health In England

According to a report commissioned by Public Health England in February 2021, vaping products are a popular tool for people trying to quit smoking. Because it is for a safer and healthier option.

Vaping has been helpful for the process of quitting to smoke. In 2017 more than 50000 smokers managed to quit smoking by using a vaping product that would have otherwise continued to smoke for the rest of their lives. This makes a significant difference in the communities’ overall health and wellness. It can work through lowering the diseases and health risks, including chronic lung and heart diseases associated with the use of traditional smoking.

It is necessary to provide a wide range of cessation aids like vaping for people attempting to quit smoking to make their struggle easy and successful. While targeting a goal of no smoking can be very difficult for some people switching to vaping can be a more effortless and manageable option. After this transition moving to no quitting can be easy. 

 Surveys show that the extensive use of vaping products in quit attempts compared to licensed medication is popular among people. The quit rates involving vaping products were higher than all other methods in every region of England, ranging from 49% in the southwest to 78% in the Humber and Yorkshire.

The Growing Vaping Industry

The vaping world and industry are growing as it is widely marketed as a  cigarette cessation aid. After the introduction of the first modern vaporizer in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist  Hon Lik, it became popular in every part of the world as a healthier, cheaper, and safer alternative to the traditional nicotine delivery systems. Lik has lost his father to lung cancer due to smoking addiction and was motivated to help those who want to quit smoking but find themselves helpless in front of their addiction and craving. However, now vaping is not only a cigarette cessation aid but a lifestyle also. This accounts for a global increase in the caping industry and culture.

The global e-cigarette and vaping market size are estimated to be USD 15.04 billion in 2020. It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28.1 % from 2021- 2028. The greater flexibility of flavors, lesser harmful effects and being a cheaper option contribute to the increasing popularity of vaping.

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